Gory snippet

Good morning! I have been wanting to hone from scene making skills, and this one is a pretty dark one. I have skirted around writing violence in a lot of my writing for years because I felt like people would think I’m not Godly enough, but I figured, a good writer needs to be proficient in most (really, every) type of scene. So, please enjoy!

The gun felt so heavy in my hands. Like a lead block, or a big rock. The decision to kill him was even heavier. He sat in the recliner — a warm smile on his lips. My tears fell form my reluctant eyes. His hand touches the gun and I cry even harder. He pulls it towards his forehead, mouthing out its okay over and over. Loud thumps come from the front door. Was it the police? The FBI? I didn’t know. I could only cry as we both touched the trigger and then, a flash. Blood leaked from his head in one, pink stream. This should’ve made me feel at peace. He’s dead now. All it did was make me feel worse.

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